ICON on the Festival circuit

A dear talented friend, Tony Ahedo, has been touring the film festival circuit with his first feature, ICON. Attending the in-person premiere of this gem this April was a very moving experience. I had the honor of contributing to its soundtrack, hints of which can be heard in the trailer. I’ll be releasing the recordings I made for it sometime soon as more screenings of the film are announced.

Mosephine to play Ringling Underground

My solo music moniker, Mosephine, will be playing at the Ringling Museum September 2, 2021 as part of their Ringling Underground series. Very excited to play outdoors in the courtyard. This will be my first performance since February 2020.

announcement = accountability? I’m writing my first novel

Broadly, and without pledging or revealing too much as its all softly shapen, I’ve been under the guidance of a writing mentor and look forward to putting together a story for young adults in the coming year or so. Onward, and to fantastic places!


here’s a growing collection of what has occurred in all its shades of inward and outward navigation, all its states of manufacturing –
an attempt to unite various scraps on / in which I’ve kept my personal history squirreled and scribbled away in notebooks, and other fleeting ephemeral storage bins
and / or,
an exercise in connecting with others that are currently experiencing a transformation, or those who wish to begin one.

(I’ve never felt like the same person from day to day – will this serve only as a bread crumb trail through the many adjustments I’m making to my inner realm as I navigate the outer realm?)

Will my journeyed process of worth to you somehow, out of similarity, or contrast?

sending my best to you regardless,
erne mosephine